Friday, February 20, 2009

Blenke Family

This post is from a 9/25/08 e-mail to from John S. Blenke in Mango, Florida

I'm once again embarking on my genealogy search journey for information on the Blenke Family of Camp Springs. I visited the area recently for my sister's 50th Wedding Anniversary and had the opportunity to drive the "Stone House Trail" about 6 times in both directions! My brother Larry and I have a renewed interest in the Camp Springs area and our families roots since his recent visit to Austria to meet the Blenke families in Feldkirch, Austria seemingly the ancestral home of all Blenke's. We should have an extensive family tree web page up within a week or so depicting the results of our efforts so far and would appreciate any light you may be able to shed on the family's fairly interesting past.

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