Friday, February 20, 2009

Regular Baptist Church

This post comes from a 6/18/08 e-mail to from Buck Seibert

Visited the Camp Springs web site and noticed the story about the Regular Baptist Church. It was mentioned that you had not located this cemetery. For several reasons, I believe this cemetery is the 12 Mile Baptist Church Island Cemetery in 12 Mile Creek. Once called Well's Creek, the cemetery at that location was served by Jesse Beagle. There was once a headstone in this cemetery for the wife of Jesse Beagle. Also, I have found a broken headstone in this location that says "member of the Regular Baptist Church". I will attach a photo. It is not very clear, I should return with my brush and baking flour to make the inscription stand out. I do not believe this is too much of a stretch to have called this the 4 mile Baptist Church. I believe the area was referred to as 4 mile even if it was on another creek. I have also found very early records which call 4 mile creek Salima creek. This is in one of the old deed books in the County Clerks Office in Alexandria. More information supporting my claim can be found here: A partial list of those buried in the Island Church Cemetery can be found here: I hope this helps and I would be interested in your opinion on the subject.

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