Friday, February 20, 2009

Camp Springs cemetaries

This post comes from a 6/24/08 e-mail to from Buck Seibert

I am currently looking for a couple more cemeteries in the Camp Springs area. One is on 10 mile road. I have really good information that it was there. Will have to visit to verify if anything is left. I just heard about the other on this weekend. It is or was on the hill to the east of the old Schuchter farm at the corner of Nine Mile and Four Mile Pike. I think the property now belongs to Fred Mashinot Jr. per the PVA web site. The story is that there were graves on that hill marked only with field stones. We are interested in them even if we can't readily identify who might be buried there. We found about 50 such graves near the corner of Tug Fork and Four Mile. Just to the east of St. John's Church. It contains five rows of field stones all in a nice row. Right now, we are calling it the Tucker Cemetery. That could change as we learn more. There is another in that area that has been referred to as the Greene Cemetery and it was on the Uthe farm. We haven't be able to locate that one. If you hear of any of these old cemeteries I would appreciate a heads up so Marvin Record and I can investigate. Oh, there is also one somewhere on the Neltner farm. Several people remember seeing the stones but we haven't located that one either.

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